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For the first time in our country, the International Conference on Catalysis

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  "Without mention of chemistry, we can't live without chemistry. Catalysis is one of the most closely related areas in the study of chemistry." Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, China for the first time hosted by the academic community as the catalytic field of the Olympic Games, the international conference, it is proved that the great development of China's catalytic research.
  The 16th International Congress on catalysis 4 days in Beijing opened. The theme of this conference is a catalyst to promote the sustainable development of the world, issues covered by the clean and efficient use of fossil energy, renewable energy, reduce environmental pollution, low carbon economy etc. the catalytic science and technology, also show the latest research results of catalytic science and technology of the world. More than 2500 people from more than and 50 countries attended the meeting.
  "The previous session of the International Conference on catalysis pays more attention to science itself, but it is more focused on technology, and is committed to sustainable development." University of Paris 6 professor Shi Mingshan told reporters that China's scientific and technological progress for all to see.
  He said that the meeting focused on catalytic technology applications, such as coping with environmental and water pollution, not only to discuss the science itself, but also in this platform to share the experience of the country. "Air pollution from cars using diesel or gasoline emissions is an important issue, and China has started to have some solutions." Shi Mingshan said.
  The chairman of the conference, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Li Can, energy and environment is the current international and domestic are highly concerned about the field of catalysis. Energy catalysis focuses on the use of catalytic technology to produce more clean energy and renewable energy, the environmental problem is the use of catalytic technology to harness and control environmental pollution.
  According to reports, the convening of the international conference held in Philadelphia, the United States in 1956, held once every four years, has now become the largest in the field of catalysis, the highest level, the most extensive international academic conference. This meeting will last until July 8th in Beijing.

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