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Natural rubber waste cutting intensified

writer:   date:2016-06-16 17:12:00   read: times
  In late June the Hainan upright summer, but as the natural rubber industry is one of the most important local industry is suffused with a chill.
  In recent years, commodity prices plummeted, natural rubber prices from 2011's most expensive 4 yuan / ton, fell to the end of 9000 yuan / ton, is currently in the production cost of low line near the line. Market downturn, the production of natural rubber market operators, the upstream and downstream enterprises have a greater impact. Plastic agricultural revenues, rubber plantations cut trees, abandoned cut phenomenon intensified. For the development of the industry, the reporter followed the Tokyo commodity exchange and Huatai futures to Hainan field research.
  "Cut" aggravate
  Reporters came to Hainan from the Wushi farm in Qiongzhong County more than and 122 kilometers south of Haikou City, the main planting farm natural rubber. In a rubber plantation, Wushi farm responsible person, the rubber is a new rubber plantation planted around 2008, covers an area of 200 acres.
  The person in charge of introduction, if well managed, a rubber tree from seedling to cut open, 7, 8 years of time, the general can cut about 16 years. In Hainan local, tapping time general for three in the morning, 4 o'clock, morning around 10 o'clock received rubber, once a day only a cut rain and days without harvest. Now, young people almost no one is willing to farm the number of glue tapping, a few years ago from more than and 300 to less than 200 people.
  In addition to facing labor shortage, but also to respond to the plastic price decline and rising costs of double pressure. The person in charge, for example, a simple plastic collection bowl, a few years ago, the price is 3 cents, and now the price is about 1.1 yuan.
  State owned rubber plantations because of subsidies and other factors, there is almost no waste cutting phenomenon, but in private rubber plantations, farmers cut down trees and abandoned cut "phenomenon continues to increase. In the Hainan area, private and state-owned rubber yield ratio was about 5:5 in.
  Hainan local industry estimates, there are about 60% private rubber plantations had been abandoned or cut down fruit.
  Hainan natural rubber industry group (Hainan rubber) executive vice president Xie Xinghuai on Securities Times reporter said that farm grows relatively high cost, conversion cost probably at around 130 million yuan, but now the market rubber prices only 1 million yuan or so. Relative farm, farmers grow their own cost is much lower, however, if tapping income than to the outside of the high wage income, they will choose to abandon the cut, or even cut down the rubber tree switching to other varieties.

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