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New leap forward of coal to ethylene industry technology

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  Reporters from East China University of science and technology was informed, by the R & D Li Wei, a professor at the school of coal preparation of ethylene glycol and technological achievements in Inner Mongolia Yili resources group and Anhui Huaihua group fall flowering, officially put drive two large annual respectively can produce 30 million tons and 10 million tons of superior grade ethylene glycol.
  According to experts, the catalyst technology index advanced and single sets up to the scale of 10 million tons / year is a leap of China's coal preparation of ethylene glycol of industrial technology.
  Ethylene glycol is usually used in daily life of polyester fiber and mineral water bottles of the main raw materials, long-term mainly by the oil processing, but the domestic self-sufficiency rate has been less than 30%. The use of coal based syngas production of ethylene glycol, the partial replacement of oil. "China is a country with a lean coal and less oil, through the coal based synthetic gas to ethylene glycol, to the country's economic development has strategic significance, but also with respect to the petrochemical route, the economic benefit is better." Li Wei told the China Science News reporter.
  It is reported that in 1998, East China University of Science and Technology, the Joint Chemical Reaction Engineering Research Institute began a coal based synthetic gas ethylene glycol technology research work. In 2009, the school and Shanghai Pujing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Huainan Chemical Group reached a cooperation agreement, in Anhui Huainan Chemical Group to build coal based synthetic gas preparation of ethylene glycol 1000 tons / year pilot plant. In August 2011, the pilot test was successful, the output of the superior grade ethylene glycol products, verify the rationality of the technology, and made further amplified data, for the technology industry has laid a solid foundation. So far, Rick and technological achievements has authorized customers 6, to 7 units a total of 1.6 million tons / year scale, the device both in industrialized implementation process.

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